fitBITES: What You Want or What You Need

A few days ago I came home so tired and with such low energy, all I wanted was a nap. This happens often as I am really terrible at getting enough sleep (working on it!). I was about to cancel my plans for a hike but decided I would just take things one step at a time. Step one: change into workout clothes. Step two: drive to my sister’s. Once there I was secretly hoping that she would opt out too, and we’d just relax at her place. But we just kept taking the next step and the next.

Before long we were at Hilton Falls Conservation Area, picking the longest trail for a run/walk.

We started running and I couldn’t believe the energy and stamina that started coursing through my body. My strong heart beat, steady breath and the beads of sweat were my fuel. It kind of helped that swarms of mosquitos were waiting to pounce on us the minute we stopped. And so we kept going. And going. And going.

Anytime I felt my body wanting to stop I remembered a saying someone posted on Facebook once:

When your legs get tired, run with your heart.


And so I did. We both did.

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