Hard to Imagine…My Dream Came True!!

This post is completely not food related. But I have to share my elation.
I got to cross off an item from the proverbial bucket list. I attended my first ever Pearl Jam concert last night!! Oh, it just dawned on me that there is a slight food connection there, considering the bands name and all. LOL.

Anyway. I know I am a bit late to the party here, having met several super fans yesterday whose concert attendance numbered in the double digits, but hey better late than never!
It was magical. It was amazing. It was unforgettable.

I listened to their hits on the radio as they came up over the years but I truly fell madly, deeply into the music about a year and a half ago. And immediately became entirely immersed and encompassed. This serendipitous encounter came at a time in my life when I very much needed the soul soothing salve that is their song catalogue.

Last night’s show included many defining anthems as well as lesser known, to the average folk anyway, tunes. I savoured every single morsel but was particularly elated when they belted out one of my faves, Unthough Known. Goosebump-inducing moment for sure. That song has carried me through many tough moments and I find myself turning to it time and time again whenever I need to brighten my mood and lift my spirit.

I will continue to ride this post-concert afterglow for a few more days yet. Wow.

Fill the air up with love,

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