BYOL – Bring Your Own Lunch

Happy Tuesday!

Just finished my lunch….I had been thinking about devouring it since about 9:33am. Last night I made sweet potato fries (will post a recipe for that soon) and crispy breaded tofu from one of my new fave vegan blogs, Oh She Glows. Do check it out. Looking at the delectable recipes on this site turned my “maybe I’ll try vegan” to “oh, yes, I can do this”.

Wish I had some pictures to go along with this post but it being winter (and frigid at that), it was to dark for an impromptu photo shoot last night. And I didn’t have a camera at work. Nevermind that my coworkers might think I’ve gone a bit nuts photographing my food. So I’m going to work on this and hope to entice you with some snapshots in the coming posts.

I also had some last bits of a tabbouleh I made on Saturday, as prep for our going-veg-challenge. Will post the recipe tonight, along with a pic. Here’s a little hint of what’s to come: delicious and supercharged with nutrients.

See you later!

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