Kitchen Magic

Whoa! I can’t even begin to tell you all the magic that’s been happening in my kitchen. No, I’m not talking about anything wayward or raunchy here. Quite simply I have been uber-inspired to make food happen. Most days I rush home, start making something, head off to a workout and come back to spend time with my beloved appliances. Yes, this all does sound like a dismal existence to most. But honestly, each and every day I eagerly anticipate the results of whatever I am concocting that day.

Giving vegan a shot has been insanely electrifying. I am using foods, ingredients and techniques that I’m not sure I’d ever have given a chance in the past. And in part, a goal of this journey was precisely that. To learn. To re-ignite passion about food. To become mindful of what we put in our bodies.

Just the last three days alone I have made the following: a quinoa dish of my own design, a few juice combos inspired by various recipes, smoothies made with avocado (the results are what I can only describe as luscious), Vegan Cream Cheese and Coconut Mango Millet. Those two last recipes courtesy of my new obsession: Crazy Sexy Kitchen by Kris Carr. That cookbook has released a kitchen vixen…watch out!! My new girl crush for sure. I first heard about Kris in the documentary Hungry for Change, which I mentioned in my very first post. Kris has a documentary of her own called Crazy Sexy Cancer, and some other books I might check out.

Can’t wait to share my adventures!

Love and good food,


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